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2016 Kids Bike Roadeo

2016 Kids Bike Roadeo
May 28, 2016 at 08:30am to 12:00pm

Contact Name: Harry Bell
Email Address: harry.bell@orangevilleoptimists.ca
Phone Number: (416) 460-3390

General Information
Each year the club holds the annual Bike Roadeo along with the Orangeville Police Service at the Alder Street Arena (Red Rink).

The day starts with safety inspections by the Orangeville Police. The kids then take their turn riding through a skills course to show their knowledge of stopping, turning and riding through some obstacles. Kids are scored on each skill and prizes are awarded for the highest score.

Saturday May 28th, resulted in another successful Bike Roadeo Finals at the Alder Recreation Centre.

After all was said and done, the overall winning school again this year is Princess Margaret PS.

Here are the winners in each division so you can celebrate within your schools:

Grade 2/3 Boys:

1st - Nicholas Marchand - St Andrews
2nd - Keiler Torres Dominquez - Princess Margaret
3rd - Connor Holmes - Ecole Elementaire des Quatre Riviere

Grade 2/3 Girls:

1st - Lauralee Carter - Montgomery Village
2nd - Abigail Orr - Montgomery Village
3rd - Eliyah Philips - Princess Margaret

Grade 4/5 Boys:

1st - Wyatt Ellacott - Princess Elizabeth
2nd - Ben Hossie - Princess Margaret
3rd - Shaun Wetti Princess Margaret

Grade 4/5 Girls:

1st - Addison Whelan - Parkinson Centennial
2nd - Leah Tipping - Credit Meadows
3rd - Sarah Waters - Credit Meadows

Grade 6-8 Boys:

1st - Fischer Mariano - Hillcrest
2nd - Graham Rooney - Credit Meadows
3rd - Nicholas Gooulard - Ecole Elementaire des Quatre Riviere

Grade 6-8 Girls:

1st - Holly Bonney Brookman - Princess Margaret
2nd - Sara Gravelle - Ecole Elementaire des Quatre Riviere
3rd - Ainsley Nevin - Montgomery Village

Thanks very much for your support and hope to see you again next year…

Map & Directions
275 Alder St, Orangeville, ON